In the meantime…

I’ve recently moved and still waiting on a hookup to the interwebs at my apartment – so there may not be a post for this month.

In the meantime, I invite you to check out Flash of the Hand to see a fun daily photo project that I’m doing with Erin Fletcher.


3 thoughts on “In the meantime…

  1. Hi, I’ve just found your blog, and as I’m just getting back into teaching people how to make hand made books again (I hesitate to call myself a ‘bookbinder’) I think I’ll be getting a lot of inspiration from your blog. I’ve just been reading a post about link stitch, and I definitely want to make more of those, and teach others how to. I also love the images of old long stitch books, it’s lovely to feel a link with the past when binding books. Would you mind if I used any of your images of old books, such as the ‘pages-from-longstitch_szirmai.jpeg’ image. I’m more than happy to credit you/link to your blog. Nina a fellow bibliophile!

    • Hi Nina,

      I’m glad you are finding some useful information on my blog. Feel free to use any of my images; however the one you mention specifically is from J.A. Szirmai’s book “The Archaeology of Medieval Bookbinding”, so you should credit that.

      Good luck with your teaching!

      • Thanks for that, I’ll be back to read back through all your wonderful articles. That medieval bookbinding book sounds lovely, I think I’ll go and look it up..

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