Upcoming Workshop(s)

After about 4 years of spending most of my free time working on projects for the Guild of  Book Workers, I’ve passed most of them off to focus on a new area for me: teaching! This Spring I will be teaching two workshops on paper bindings. The first will be at Big River Bindery in April (details below) and the second will be at the Paper & Book Intensive in May.
German Trade Paper Binding with Henry Hebert
Saturday, April 22, 2017
$115 registration plus $25 materials fee
Workshop held at Big River Bindery in Norcross, GA.
This class will provide a brief overview of some popular early case binding styles, with images of historical examples, handouts, and a reading list. Through demonstration and hands-on work, the workshop will cover sewing, endsheet construction, endbands, and spine lining, all while considering how the materials and composition of the binding produce the book action. We will also make decorative paste papers – it should be a lot of fun!
For more information and to register, click here.

One thought on “Upcoming Workshop(s)

  1. I am searching for a marbling workshop that is coming up. Can you PLEASE direct me to a source for
    this………thank you so very much

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