Working and Reworking


I started this blog about a year ago as part of my graduate course work in library school. It offered a useful means to report on my project (a condition survey for small collection of European Travel literature in the Rare Book Collection at UNC) and share some of the more intriguing items that I encountered along the way.

And then I had to write my master’s paper and I could not bring myself to use it anymore…

But today the blog is resurrected! Today it is committed to a new purpose. Like a phoenix from the ashes it shall rise up and share ever more amusing and edifying book-related madness to the masses. Or just to the people that I actually know. From here on out, I’ll be sharing my first year work in the bookbinding program at the North Bennet Street School – hopefully as I finish it.  We are on the fourth week of the school year, and I have quite a few books completed already. I have taken some pictures and they will begin appearing here within the next few days.

So please follow along with me on this two-year journey…


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