NBSS on Wikipedia


One of the projects that has occupied my writing time as of late has been the creation of a Wikipedia article for the North Bennet Street School. Surprisingly, one had not been attempted before.

I wrote this article using Sarah Henry and Mary A. Williams’ book, titled North Bennet Street School: A short history 1885-1985, as a source for the history of the building and organization. It’s actually a very interesting read and includes photos of some of the earliest students and instructors.

This is my first ever contribution to Wikipedia, so I am rather pleased to have it up. I am also interested to see how the article develops as other users make changes and add information.


3 thoughts on “NBSS on Wikipedia

    1. Yea, Jeff and Mark Esser were talking the other day about your research into the history of model making as a form of training. I’m interested to hear about what you’ve come across.

  1. Thanks! Also, I am looking forward to spending some more time looking through your blog (in the near future, probably after our site survey wraps up!) Great photos, by the way- it is so interesting to see all of this up close. Best, j.lane (lk)

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