School’s Out


Well folks, graduation happened on the first of this month. My time at NBSS has come to an end!

That doesn’t mean the magic is going to stop here, however. I still have many more projects to post. I’m working hard to get all my images in order to speed that process along. The blog will continue for a while yet… here is just a taste of things to come!


4 thoughts on “School’s Out

  1. Congratulations Henry! It was great to meet you at the open house your first year and I’m interested to see your next adventure! Thanks also for the posts on Jeff Peachy! I’m taking his Eighteenth Century Leather Binding class at Montefiascone this summer and I think it was on your blog that I first learned of him.

    1. Thanks, Abigail! I’m so jealous that you get to take Peachey’s class! He is a really great teacher – you will have a blast.

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