Interview on Bookbinding Now


Interview on Bookbinding Now

If you have not been listening to Susan Mills’ Bookbinding Now podcast, you should should go ahead and subscribe. Every other Wednesday, Susan posts an interview with a practitioner of some type of book work. Book artists, conservators, printers, calligraphers, bookbinders – there is something for everyone. While we are on the subject of podcasts: I also really enjoy Steve Miller’s Book Artists and Poets.

In early December, I was interviewed for Susan’s podcast by my former classmate Erin Fletcher. If you would like to hear me babble about books and conservation for half an hour, you should head over to the site and check it out… then stay and listen to Susan’s interviews with more talented and interesting folk:)


2 thoughts on “Interview on Bookbinding Now

  1. Fab suggestion! I had not come across the Bookbinding Now podcast but it will be great to listen to whilst I work. Thanks!

  2. Excellent one, Susan Mills two accordion books are directly referential to Josef Albers’ iconic 1963 publication Interaction of Color in which he explores formal relationships in colour theory.

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